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Adverse Weather Procedures

These procedures are up to date as of 10/30/17

In the interests of safety, there may be times when weather conditions lead us to close agency programs or work sites.   In those cases, employees impacted by the closing will be paid for the day.  Those whose positions warrant it  are expected to manage any client needs remotely from home on those days.  In addition, the nature of some of our programs dictate that their sites cannot ever be closed, and those programs may have additional weather procedures and expectations based on operational needs.  The determination of closing a program or site rests solely with the Executive Director or designee(s).

We also recognize that weather conditions may vary greatly by area.  If, at any time, an employee has concerns about their well-being in traveling to work due to severe weather conditions, but their work site has not closed, the employee must contact their supervisor for approval for time off.  Employees with approved absences in these circumstances may utilize their vacation or personal time to cover lost hours.

Closing Procedures

  • Main office closings will be announced via the outgoing voicemail message of our main phone line, usually by 7:00 AM.  Employees should call 413-529-7777 or 800-360-6210 and listen to the outgoing message.  An alert message will also be added to the agency’s website,; look for a black banner near the top of the screen.
  • Tri-County Schools closings are announced with the school cancellations on WWLP 22 News (and may be announced via other media outlets as well).  An alert will be placed on the agency’s website as well.
  • Should severe weather develop during a work day, the office may be closed early.  Any such early closings will be announced via overhead announcements and by email.  Program directors are then expected to notify their program sites and staff.
  • If you have any questions as to the opening status of your program or site, contact your supervisor or program director.




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